After what seems like an eternity I am back to blogging! How appropriate that I started it back up on 2/17! That number has so much significance in my life, 3 years ago today my daughter came into our lives.  

Back to the reason I am blogging again. Last night I went to an SEO event put on by a bunch of wonderful women! 

Megan & Kristy co-founders of The Local  (one of many hats that they wear) hosted it at their up and coming space in Langley. It is a place where you can shop for products made from local vendors and an event space as well. The Grand Opening is March 25th, check their website for more information.

The star of the show was Stefanie Fournier of Stefanie Fournier Photography. I left feeling like I owed her more money than what I had already paid. It was like that IKEA commercial "START THE CAR!"  Here's the thing, I am the most tech savvy in my household. That isn't saying much considering my husband can barely find the remote at the best of times. We live with our 10 month old son and my 3 year old daughter (HAPPY BDAY MAMA!) who is a few swipes away from knowing how to change my iphone password.

You can imagine how quickly my eyes glaze over when I hear SEO, meta tags, google + etc...
I was elated that a group I recently joined on facebook (Fraser Valley Boss Ladies) basically "voluntold" Stefanie to do round 2 of her SEO Seminar. She was clear, concise and simplified the things that are important to local small business owners looking to increase their site traffic. If she ever gets coerced into doing another round of the SEO Seminar get your ticket ASAP, you won't regret it!

Feeling invincible, I decided to seize the opportunity that no one else is awake and use the new nuggets of information I obtained last night. I worked on my site all night and even got the cajones to blog again. Hence why this post is going up around 3am (i'll regret that in 4 hours).

My hope is to blog about makeup, hair, Yumi lash client results, other small businesses, as well as some mommy tips and possibly even more about myself.

I would also LOVE feedback on the blogging I'll be doing, as well as ideas for content!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for your support!